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exLEDstudio specializes in manufacturing and distributing high quality LED lighting systems for automobiles.

We are constantly expanding our selection. Our first goal is customer satisfaction and delivering high quality products.

Made with the highest quality parts from Korea.


For WHOLESALE Inquiries:

Please email us your name, business name, type of business, if you have a store/internet front, how long you have been in business, your address, and exactly what you'd like. Please be as detailed at possible, as a lot of our products have different options (quantity, product code, size (if applicable), and which options).  

If you have experience installing products, please mention that along with what kinds of products you can install.


Prices may change without notice. Shipping fees and products prices may show lower than the actual amount due to a computer glitch. When this happens, stated prices by an exLEDusa representative are the correct price.

It is customer's responsibility to make sure all items will work/fit in their vehicle. exLEDusa.com is not responsible if customer's ordered product does not properly fit/work in their vehicle.

Products do not come with installation manuals or guides. Any information regarding their installation can be found on the product webpage itself, in the "photos (gallery)" tab in the "Information" section, or on our YouTube channel.


Customer is responsible for all taxes incurred. If a customer refuses to receive a package due to not wanting to pay customs fees, we will not issue a refund or a reshipment of the refused items. Customer must repurchase all of the items and pay for separate shipping.

All of exLEDusa's products that are produced by exLED come with a 1 year warranty* and are assembled in Korea from parts that are designed by LEDSTUDiO (exLEDusa's corporate parent) and produced with constant oversight from LEDSTUDiO to oversee the quality of such parts. LED PCB boards are designed and manufactured in Korea.

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*Where applicable