exLED Honda Accord 9th Gen, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 (Map, Dome, Vanity, Trunk, License Plate + optional Door Lights) Custom interior kit


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Customer's review - from DriveAccord.net

exLED custom LED light kit review (with pictures)

Sorry for the long read. Just skip to the pictures, since that's all you really need to see if you don't want to read all my mumbo jumbo.

I finally bit the bullet and got the exLED custom LED light kit. I ordered the 6000K kit. These kits are very white with the tiniest/minimal amount of blue. All of the lights use 5050 LEDs.

They ship these kits out right when you order it. I was surprised how fast I received my order all the way on the east coast (NC) from the west coast (CA). The package arrived very well packaged with the LEDs individually bagged and bubble wrapped. Very good attention to detail here.


Some of you may wonder why I even ordered the kit as I've already had full set of LEDs beforehand, which all used 5050 LEDs. Well, one thing that has always bothered me about sourcing LEDs from random places like eBay, Amazon, alibaba, etc. is that the colors are hard to match buying from the various retailers. One sellers 5000K LED may not be the same as another seller's 5000K LED. Secondly, many of the LED boards sold have exposed backing with circuits and all just out there. These parts get extremely hot and has even melted some parts of my light housings. Lastly, these kits are obviously custom made/contoured/shaped to fit perfectly into the Accord's (and other Honda products using the same light housings) light housings. This is one of the best features of this kit. It's just a perfect fit period. No need to measure and go online and find panels that fit. Even those boards may end up not fitting perfectly from my experience. With the exLED kit, you don't need to worry about any of that.

The quality of these LEDs are among the best I've seen. And believe me, I've played with many LEDs (perhaps too many). The board that the LEDs are attached to are also of very high quality. The attention to detail of their LED panels are like none other I've seen. The board does not get extremely hot like other LED panels I have played with. Nor does the backside have exposed circuits, again like other LEDs I've played with.

Installation is very easy. If you know how to use a screwdriver, then you can install these. I used a box cutter knife (since it's very thin) to pop the map light and dome light covers off. I used a small flathead for the vanity and trunk lights. The license light just pops out by hand.

The brightness adjustment dial on the front map lights and dome light are a nice touch. I know some people on here will think that the full brightness setting is way too bright and will appreciate the available adjustments. I prefer the lights on the brightest setting. Although if you want a more OEM luxury look, I would recommend turning it down to the lowest setting which will still give substantially more light than OEM halogen bulbs as seen below in the pictures.

In comparison to the map light LEDs I had before (6x3 panel, 18 LEDs total), these panels are much brighter at the highest setting even though it has less LEDs on the board (4x3 panel, 12 LEDs total). Less heat and more output. Sounds good to me. The dome light LED panel I had before was 4x8, 32 LEDs total. This panel would get extremely hot and even melted parts of the clear plastic lens. As expected, the exLED panel uses less LEDs, 7x3, 21 LEDs total all the while putting out more light at the brightest setting.

The map and dome lights provide a much more luxury upscale look and feel as can be expected with LEDs. The OEM yellow halogen bulbs just look cheap in comparison and puts out such little light. Some luxury cars come equipped with LED interior lighting from the factory, but even those pale in comparison to these lights.

The vanity LEDs are the perfect amount of brightness. It is not too bright in your face. exLED did a good job of paying attention to this detail. They have it set at the perfect level of brightness. There are no adjustment dials here. The previous LEDs I had here looked very similar except those were made with the brightest level of light output. This was quite annoying and blinding when opening the vanity mirror at night.

The trunk LED light dramatically increases the amount of light in the trunk. The OEM light barely puts out any light and is practically useless IMO. The trunk is practically dark as seen in the picture below. Although this is much better than stock, it is not as bright compared to my previous setup which was just a cheap LED strip fully across the ceiling of the trunk. Although I was never satisfied with this setup since the light was slightly purplish. I am going to suggest for Jin to make a custom solution to this. I know they can easily cook up something for us. While the custom panel exLED makes is nice, it is not bright enough for my preference.

The license LED lights provides a cleaner more upscale look with the white LEDs. I tried two of exLED's offerings. The regular license light with two 5050 LEDs on each side and the custom LED with 6 5050 LEDs on a custom board on each side. The license plate light with just 2 LEDs is more than bright enough and gives an OEM look and brightness. The custom light with 2x3, 6 LEDs total is brighter if that is the look you are going for. The lights do not appear very blue in person. The camera seems to enhance the amount of blueness.


This kit is definitely worth the money. I wish I had just bought it the first go around rather than wasting time playing around with all the other cheaper LEDs. Sometimes you get what you pay for. I'll let the pictures speak the rest.

Pictures were shot with a Canon T5i + Tamron 17-50mm F/2.8 non-VC lens in shutter priority to adjust for the true brightness/depiction of the lighting.

Oh and I have the door lights, since i plan on wiring up the doors in the future.


exLED custom LED kit for 9th gen Accord Sedan

OEM halogen map, dome, and vanity lights

exLED LED map lights on full brightness with OEM dome light

exLED LED map and dome light on full brightness plus LED vanity lights

exLED LED map and dome light on lowest brightness

OEM halogen trunk light

exLED LED trunk light array

OEM halogen license plate light

exLED regular LED license plate light

exLED custom LED license plate light








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Warranty does not cover the product if it is damaged due to improper installation. Please install the product at your own risk. We recommend  professional installation.
Please check your local laws before purchasing any of our products. We are not responsible for any violations or citatations caused by installing our products.


Return Policy:

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In case you find a defect, we will exchange or refund it.

Defective items MUST be returned for warranty process.

Buyer is responsible for return shipping cost & we will cover reship cost Products that are physically damaged or modified are NOT eligible for warranty process. 




05/05/2014, 14:57

"Love how bright these LEDs are. they light up the whole interior and its Awesome that the map lights come with adjustable brightness. Great customer service. Will order more in the future. Thanks ExLed!"


11/15/2013, 11:45

"Just received my kit in the mail today and it only took me 30 minutes to put everything in (map, dome, vanity, trunk, license)! Super easy to install! The LED's in this kit are top notch and look great in my Accord! Great work guys! Keep it up!"


10/21/2013, 12:11

"The BEST in the world! BEST! BRIGHTEST! and the most reliable kit in the world. I love these LED's and would recommend to everyone.!!!!"


07/15/2013, 16:43

"Very Easy to install on my 2013 Accord Touring Edition. Took about 15 minutes to install every interior light + the license plate. I do have one issue 2 weeks after purchase, the trunk light is no longer working. Looks like the wires have broken off the main trunk light board. The trunk light was the hardest to install and the wires do have to stay in a bent postion after install so if they arent soldered on there well I guess they will break off."


04/17/2013, 12:55

"Really easy! I only took about 30min!! Look really nice! I have been no problem with it for more than 6 month!"


08/13/2012, 22:38

"These really are great. Easy to put in! Maybe 30 minutes max to do all the lights + trunk + license plate."

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