Terms and Conditions & Warranty/Return/Refund Information


By purchasing through exLEDusa.com, Chromeaire LLC via direct sales, exLEDusa.com, or eBay (seller ID: exLED), customer agrees to all terms and conditions setforth below. "Customer" & "you" both refer to the purchasing customer of products sold directly, on exLEDusa.com, and through eBay (seller ID: exLED). "exLEDusa" below also refers to both exLEDusa.com and our eBay seller ID.



1. exLED products purchased through exLEDusa.com or via eBay come with a 1 year warranty from date of purchase. Non-exLED products are sold "as-is" without warranty. exLED is not responsible for faults of those products and the customer is knowingly purchasing the product "as-is."

2. If you purchase your product from another source, you must go through them for warranty repairs and installation help. Because there have been known FAKE exLED products with inferior quality being sold through other online retailers, we will not honor a warranty request or help with installation without proof that the product was purchased through exLEDusa directly


4. Should something happen or go wrong with a product you ordered that was a completed assembly product customized by exLEDusa, we advise you not to sell your original part for 6 months. That way you can easily swap out the parts while we fix the problem.

5. For warranty repairs, customer is responsible for shipping both ways. RMA number will be given pending authorization. We will ship out using USPS or FedEx, but customer can ship to us using any service. 

6. If we send out a free replacement part, customer is responsible for shipping both ways.

7. In the event of a completed assembly product (rear reflector, headlight, tail light, side repeater, fog light) the LEDs go out, we will not send a replacement assembly. You will have the option to send us your part so that we may fix it (customer pays for shipping both ways) or we can send you a replacement LED and you will have to install it yourself (you pay for shipping).

8. In the event of a purchased HID set, you must tell us what went bad (bulb or ballast) as well as your bulb type, color, and the type of ballast that came in the set.

9. PHOTOS ARE REQUIRED OF THE ITEM. IF NO PHOTOS ARE SENT TO US, WE CANNOT SEND OUT A REPLACEMENT. Send notice of damaged/defected item and pictures to support@exledusa.com. Defects do not include color variations between 1 piece and another. Every attempt is made to ensure that when products are shipped out, they are color matching and in perfect working condition. If we resend a single lamp piece and you receive it and the color differs slightly, you will have to repurchase, since we have no way to color match with your original order. (SOMETIMES color temps will vary slightly, even though the LEDs are both 6,000K (for example)).

10. exLEDSHOP has the right to refuse/recsind warranty requests based on conditions surrounding the event, but will not refuse without cause or reason. Every attempt will be made to handle the situation in a timely manner. 





1. WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT RETURNS AND REFUND YOU IF THERE IS A DEFECT IN THE ITEM OR IT ARRIVED DAMAGED. WE WILL NOT ISSUE A REFUND IF YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND ABOUT THE PRODUCT AND YOU JUST DO NOT WANT IT. Customer is responsible for shipping. Returns must be in the same condition you received the item. Item's that have been installed or have been modified (ie: cut, bent, scratched, dirty, etc.) are not eligible for return for a refund. Customer MUST notify exLEDusa directly within 7 days from product arrival at customer's delivery address to qualify for return and full refund, less shipping. Otherwise no refunds will be given. If item arrived damaged,PHOTOS ARE REQUIRED OF THE DAMAGED ITEM. IF NO PHOTOS ARE SENT TO US, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE A REFUND. Send notice of damaged/defected item and pictures to support@exledusa.com. Defects do not include color variations between 1 piece and another. Every attempt is made to ensure that when products are shipped out, they are color matching and in perfect working condition. 

2. If you purchase items and then find out that your local installation shop cannot install the items, you must notify us within 7 days of receiving the item to qualify for return/refund. THE RETURNED PRODUCTS MUST BE IN THE EXACT SAME ORIGINAL CONDITION AS WHEN THEY WERE RECEIVED. THEY CANNOT BE MODIFIED IN ANY WAY OR HAVE BEEN INSTALLED AT ANY TIME.


4. OEM parts cannot be refunded/exchanged/returned/cancelled/warranted for any reason. Once you place an order, you are bound. It is customer's responsibility to make sure the part fits in their vehicle. If you need a different part, you will have to purchase the new part. This includes any OEM part either customized by exLEDusa/Chromeaire LLC or not.

5. If you cancel an order OR return products, you may be subject to a 30% restocking fee. If you cancel or return an order with non exLED products (Sequence, SuperLux, Camily, Super i, Autolamp, etc.), the non-exLED cancelled products will be subject to a 50% restocking fee. Regarding completed assembly products, the modules may be subject to a 30% restocking fee. The cost of the OEM part cannot be refunded.

6. If you want to change your order to a different product, then the removed products will be subject to a 30% restocking fee.

7. If you want to change colors (from anything other than white) and we have already made the product, you will be subject to a 95% fee for that product. To avoid this fee, PLEASE make sure you order the desired color.

8. If you mistakenly order a wrong item and receive it and you would like to exchange it for the correct item, you must pay for return shipping and shipment of the new item as well as any difference in the cost of the new item. For colors other than white, no price correction will be given. PLEASE make sure you order the correct item to avoid the potential fees you may encounter. 

9a. If you ship INTERNATIONALLY (to outside of USA), the shipping companies REQUIRE a local phone number. If you do not provide one, we cannot ship to a local address. You may choose pay a shipping fee to have us ship your purchased items to your local residence. If you choose to cancel, the above rules will apply. Tracking numbers are not given nor saved for domestically shipped items.

9b. Customer is responsible for all taxes incurred. If a customer refuses to receive a package due to not wanting to pay customs fees, we will not issue a refund or a reshipment of the refused items. 

9c. If the package gets sent back to us and the customer changes his/her mind and wants the items, customer must repurchase the whole order again and pay for separate shipping as well as the charge for sending the items back to us.

10. Shipping fees cannot be refunded for products returned to us. Shipping fees CAN be refunded for cancelled items not yet shipped out.

11. If you order and receive your product, but would like to change colors because of wanting a different color (not an order mistake), you will have to repurchase the item.  No exceptions. There must be a defect in the item to qualify for an exchange. Customer is responsible for shipping both ways.



C. Other

1. exLEDusa will not lower invoice amounts as it is illegal, any requests for us to do so will be ignored. 

2. If we ship out the wrong item and the wrong item sent needs to come back, you must first pay for shipping and we will then refund you the shipping cost up to the amount that we paid to ship the item to you. If you choose to spend more on shipping, that's up to you, but anything more than what we pay to ship the item to you will not be refunded. In the case where the item does not need to come back (a non expensive item), we will send the correct replacement. 

     2a. Section C part 2 has a time limit of 7 days from receipt of purchase. On the 8th day or later you notify us, you will have to either: re-purchase or pay for shipping the item back to us.

3. All products that include OEM parts or non exLED products need at LEAST 1 week to process as the time it takes for them to reach our office may take more than 2 days. Be prepared to wait up to 4 weeks if you order OEM parts or fully completed items (LEDs installed in OEM parts).

4. USPS / FedEx are the default shipping. If you choose Priority, it will NOT leave our office any faster, it means that it will get to you sooner only AFTER the item leaves our office.

5. If we send out a replacement part, we do not provide tracking numbers unless you specifically ask for it.

6. Personal order products (where we have to create a specific link for you) cannot be paid partly with points.

7. If you choose to pay through Paypal/credit card, the shipping address on our website AND the shipping address on Paypal MUST match. If they do not match, we will not ship your purchased products. We will send you a notification email, refund your money, and you will have to reorder.
8. CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE PRODUCTS PURCHASED FITS ON THEIR VEHICLE. In the event the customer wants to return an item because of fitment issues, Section B applies.

9. exLED products that are labelled as "in-stock" means that we have the materials to make your items, since every exLED product is hand-made-to-order. Non exLED products labelled as "in-stock" means that the company that makes those roducts are still making them and that we are able to source those items for you. "In-stock" OEM products means that we are able to get them from Hyundai/Kia Mobis, but the wait time is still up to how fast we can get them from Mobis. We do not stock non exLED products. We are not a warehouse for those items.

10. If you claim you are missing an item, you have 7 days from shipment received date to notify us (based on USPS/FedEx tacking website). If you take longer, we cannot resend. You will have to repurchase.

11. As some of our products may be illegal in the customer's country/state, it is the customer's responsibility to check with their local laws before purchasing and installing our products. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY TICKETS/VIOLATIONS RECEIVED.